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Get Started

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Get Started With VPL and the RCX


This section contains links to example programmes that show you how to get your robot performing some simple actions that you will find useful when writing your own robot control programmes.


If you haven't already installed the Microsoft Robotics Studio on your computer, download and install it now: Download Microsoft Robotics Studio (version 1.5)


The programmes can be used with a simple differential drive (two wheeled) robot buggy. If want some plans for a simple, quick and easy to build robot that can be used with the following programmes, why not use these plans for the TXR174 Buggy:


Try out one or two of the following programmes - each link will take you to a page describing the programme and provide you with (another!) link to a project file containing the actual VPL project file. Download the project file, unzip it, and then open it in VPL. To actually run the program, **** [??maybe need a page with an overview of the VPL interface?]


SimpleMotorOnTime - turn the motors on for a fixed period of time and then turn them off again.


SimpleMotorOnTimeReverse - turn the motors on for a fixed period of time to drive the robot forwards for a fixed time and then reverse one of the motors.


SimpleMotorOnTouch - turns the motors on while the touch sensor is pressed.


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