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Activity 10

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Interpreting light sensor data




Using the Science of Robotics black and white patterned light sensor test pad, record the light sensor readings as you scan across one of the patterns. From the data alone, can you identify which pattern was scanned?




Construct a light sensor calibration table containing the name of each colour represented by the colour bands on the test track and the corresponding value of the light sensor reading when the light sensor is placed over that colour band. Record the measurements on your Record Sheet.




In a small group, take it in turns to write down a sequence of five or six light sensor readings taken from the test track, unseen by the other members of the group.


Give the sequence of readings to the rest of your group and see if they can work out which colour bands the measurements were taken from.


Download this for a complete project configured for a LEGO RCX buggy: act 9 light sensor (rcx).zip


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